Stand up for comedy

We caught up with Kevin Precious, our Barnstormers Comedy booker, to talk about a comedy workshop he has planned.

kevin with pink tie leaning

Please tell us a little bit about yourself…
I’m a stand-up comedian, promoter and teacher. I’ve performed at many of the top clubs and festivals in the country, and also oversee Barnstormers Comedy promotions, which largely consists of lovely arts centre and theatre shows. I used to be a full time Religious Studies teacher… and prior to that was very involved in music and bands. I dare say, if push came to shove, I could teach a bit of music as well.

When was your first experience of comedy?
It was at a try-out night in Islington. I’d prepared reasonably well material-wise, but was a virtual novice, from the perspective of performing. I got a really big laugh for my opening line, and was so surprised by it, none of the rest lived up to it really. It took about five gigs to have a consistently strong experience throughout, by which time I was hooked.

What’s best about it?
Most of the time, it’s very enjoyable… and on occasions, utterly exhilarating. Ultimately, it represents some form of creative satisfaction… the idea that one can make a living based upon one’s own ideas and creativity.

What can participants expect from your ‘Stand-up Comedy for Beginners’ workshop?
A very thorough, detailed and analytical approach to the business of writing and performing stand-up comedy. As a qualified teacher, with a wider experience of teaching, I can tailor the ideas in response to the individuals within the group. I will be well prepared in terms of teaching materials, but there will also be a level of flexibility in there, that can only come from being an experienced teacher.

Using just 3 words, tell us why people should come.
For life-enhancing fun!

Stand-Up Comedy for Beginners runs at Salisbury Arts Centre at 10am on Saturday 19 October. For more information visit

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