Vincent Brain – Insatiable Mind review

We asked work experience students to respond to exhibitions at Salisbury Arts Centre as part of their placement with us.

Here is a review of our Insatiable Mind exhibition (24 May – 13 July 2019) by Vincent of St Joseph’s School.

The Insatiable Mind Exhibition is an intriguing and engaging work of art which gives a perspective on life from lots of different aspects and points of view.

One example of a work of art within the exhibition that caught my eye was the Collider, by Oksana Chepelyk. It examines the iconic places of the 20th and 21st century political history. I liked how the flashbacks create contrast and juxtaposition in the artwork, which transforms from black and white to bright flashing colours. These remind me of music festivals, where there may be a large stage with a screen at the back, which plays bright shapes and colours to accompany the music and engage an audience. The art is successful in engaging the audience as it illustrates a varied and contemporary view on the world which provides interest and creativity.

In addition, the start of the piece (which is presented as a video on a TV screen) begins with about 10 cameras put together in different positions to create a scene where vehicles and people vanish as they move out of one frame into the next which is overlapped. The effect seen here is similar to when you look into a kaleidoscope toy with the squares and focus changing in each rotation and reflection of the glass.

Another example of a work that caught my eye was the “Me Time” by Eunmi Mimi Kim, a Korean Artist. It creates different impressions of the world and also links to ideas of other worlds, which is evident when the backgrounds and setting change, some looking like other planets such as Mars and again there is an idea of contrast within the piece where the person is located in a setting of a dark or coloured background whilst the are wearing white. This idea could suggest the difference or insignificance of humans when compared to the world, as there are places which have not yet been discovered and some beyond the reach of mankind. This piece of art caught my attention as it presents different textures in a high quality ranging from a bone dry ground to a bowl of water with a human in it.

On the whole the exhibition is themed around a mixture of space, the known and unknown, other worlds and perspective.

It is important to display art of this type as it broadens people’s horizons and shows people what other people imagine and think, whilst helping people get a better understanding and appreciation of their surroundings.

For Salisbury to display works of art from international artists is important and benefits Salisbury as a city as it shows the diversity and creativity of spaces like the Arts Centre.

Vincent Brain

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