Matthew Davies – STEAM review

We asked work experience students to respond to exhibitions at Salisbury Arts Centre as part of their placement with us.

Here is a review of our STEAM exhibition, which ran from 24 May to 9 June 2019 as part of Salisbury International Arts Festival, by Matthew of St Joseph’s School.

What would happen if I put Skittles in water?

Skittles 1 Skittles 2.jpg

The name who made this experiment: Charlie

Hi my name is Matthew and I’m just writing about how amazing this experiment actually is)

I think Charlie did amazing job using the idea of the skittle rally game and it was really good idea to use in the art centre because the people that can read or see the experiment so they can have an idea what Charlie is writing about. It was really good to put water on the Skittles because it gives a colourful creative work and it blend it in as a rainbow colours. Having a cold water will help the experiment go smoothly in the way that Charlie thinks and it works really well I cannot know how he mixes colours together.

My best image I like off the experiment is the one that colours going inwards more to fill the space and it gives us the ones that are brighter and shiner I don’t know that skittles were bright and or maybe that Charlie was think if you eat and play you can get a strike. Having a strike is Charlie dream.

  Step by step of how Charlie does is

Step 1) I think Charlie open up a bag of skittles

Step 2) Put the Skittles in a circle in the order of colours in a rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, purple) on a white plate.

Step 3) a small amount of hot water on the middle of the plate—just enough so that the water touches the candies. (Get an adult to help to make sure you don’t hurt yourself).

Step 4)    Watch what happens! Use a stopwatch or timer to see how long it takes for the colours to stop flowing.

Overall task just gives it ago do not panic have fun this colours)!

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