Without Walls: Ockham’s Razor

We’re looking forward to four days of free entertainment in Salisbury as part of our Lift Off! Weekend from 24-27 August. There will be free theatre and circus on the streets of Salisbury from Without Walls, the UK’s largest commissioner of outdoor art. Here we’re profiling each of the companies in turn. Today it’s the turn of Ockham’s Razor which is bringing its performance Belly of the Whale to Salisbury on Sunday 26 & Monday 27 August.


Ockham’s Razor (The Belly of the Whale)

  1. Tell us about your show

Circus meets sculpture in this breath-taking show featuring three physical performers and one live musician. The performers ride a giant semi-circular seesaw of wood and steel, a beast of a structure that weighs 800kg, which creaks and groans as it transforms before the audience. A gently rocking cradle one minute, a terrifying catapult the next. Belly of the Whale 2 by Tina Koch.jpg

Once it rocks it is a huge force with its own rhythm that can’t be fought. When you fling yourself against it, you will hardly affect it, it will fling you. But if you give up trying to control it and move with it, you can ride it like a surfer rides a big wave in the wild open sea.

  1. Who will the show appeal to?

It’s a show for all ages with strong imagery and highly physical performance with a stunning soundtrack. Ultimately we want to entertain people, not in the vacuous, escapist sense, but in a way that resonates with the audience as being truthful about life, about what it is to be human. We hope it will also be a show for people who think theatre is not for them.

  1. Where have you performed it already?

We had our premier performances at Stratford Circus and Norfolk & Norwich Festival, then we’ve performed at Greenwich + Docklands International Festival, Imagine Watford, Basingstoke B-Love festival, Miramiro Festival in Belgium and Stockton International Riverside Festival.

  1. What’s been the audience reaction to performances so far?

We’ve had some great responses so far, people coming up to us straight after the show, but also audience posting on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. People are saying that they found the show beautiful and moving and that it has lifted their spirits. And that they want to have a go! Also quite a few people have asked if they can buy the music on CD. Not yet, but if people keep asking we will!

  1. What do you hope audiences will take away from the performance at the Lift Off weekend in Salisbury?

Being touched by the beauty of what is possible to create with three vulnerable human bodies wrestling with this beast of a structure. Some of the joy and fun the performers have on stage, a lifted spirit, a smile on their faces humming the last song.

  1. Anything else you want to tell us?

Do visit our website www.ockhamsrazor.co.uk and have a look at our Facebook and Instagram. We love it when people get in touch! If you come to see the show, we would love for you to share your thoughts and post some pictures, but also do come up after and say hi. We are always happy to have a chat and answer questions about the show.

Belly of the Whale will be in the Market Square, Salisbury on Sunday 26 & Monday 27 August. For more information, visit our website https://www.wiltshirecreative.co.uk/whats-on/lift-off/lift-off/.



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