It’s the final week of rehearsals for Love on the Links

JMK Assistant Director on Love on the Links Alice Wordsworth writes about the final week of rehearsals

Our final week of rehearsals is nearing a close. This weekend we leave the rehearsal room behind and move to the show’s real home, the glorious green Clubhouse that fills Salisbury’s stage. A spacious adobe, fitted with bars, sofas, armchairs, fireplaces and French windows, or as the French call them, windows.

Week four has been about orienteering, polishing and feedback. We were lucky to get on stage this week to have a play in the set and particularly to see whether a sofa on wheels can move on carpet…. Do not fear – It can! Having had this time on stage means that when we come to tech week, the actors are already familiar with the space. This enables tech time to be for exactly that, the lighting and sound etc, rather than for the actors to familiarize themselves with the stage.

We have done numerous runs of the show in its entirety this week, in order to perfect, polish and tighten the transitions between stories. With each run we have shaved off time and each act now runs at just under an hour.

This week we were also graced with all the creative geniuses for a run through. It was a brilliant opportunity to see what gags were working and if the storytelling was clear. It was such a relief to hear the laughs exploding around the room and to know that the things we have been in stitches about for weeks, have the similar effect on others!

Salisbury Playhouse Love On The Links

Alice (foreground with her back to the camera) tries to keep director Ryan McBryde and the cast focussed

Love on the Links runs in the Main House, Salisbury Playhouse from Thursday 31 May until Saturday 23 June. For more information or tickets visit or call 01722 320333.


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