Behind the scenes of Love on the Links rehearsals: week three is always tricky

JMK Assistant Director on Love on the Links Alice Wordsworth writes about week three of rehearsals

Week three is always a tricky week of rehearsals. The cast are off book and this is the week we marry the movement with the lines and really see the characters come to life. Yet the real difficulty with a comedy in week three, is that you can find yourselves trying to remember what made it so funny when you did it the first time…

Salisbury Playhouse Love On The LinksThere is a tendency to make everything big and exaggerated to secure that laugh and it means the characters and stories lose their truth. Director Ryan McBryde continually reminds the cast to find the truth in their roles. The less they play up to each moment, the funnier it is for the audience, as it feels unexpected and natural. Rehearsing a comedy is mechanical. The laughs only come when the beats and timings are perfected, so the focus this week has been on meticulously rehearsing and polishing each of the stories. We have also added a show stopping ‘Black Bottom’ dance routine, which was a joy to rehearse! This is a prop heavy show, so it has been brilliant to start rehearsing with the multitude of golf clubs, plants, hats and token bits of costume that the cast adopt during their multi-roling.

We also had a brilliant outing with the JMK group this week to see Engine Break in the Salberg. The South West JMK group is a network of emerging directors who meet regularly for theatre trips, workshops and discussions about how we can continue to develop and push the boundaries of the theatre made in this region.

The Love on the Links cast and crew had the pleasure of attending the launch of Wiltshire Creative on Friday evening. There is an excellent programme planned and the merging of Salisbury’s talent can only mean exciting times ahead for this vibrant city.

Love on the Links runs in the Main House from Thursday 31 May until Saturday 23 June. For more information or tickets visit or call 01722 320333.



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