Teeing off! Behind the scenes: week one of rehearsals for Love on the Links

Alice Wordsworth is JMK Assistant Director on Love on the Links – here she writes about the first week of rehearsals

What better way to start the week than with a round of golf? On Monday the Love on the Links cast and crew headed to Netherhampton for a much-needed induction into the sport.

Alice golf lesson

Alice at Salisbury & South Wilts Golf Club

Our poor teacher looked rather concerned as he asked how many of us had played before and there was only one raised hand… Luckily, it was Michael, who plays the Oldest Member, which seemed very fitting. After a lesson on how to hold the club, the stance to adopt and the angle behind the swing, we were allowed to brave the course. After that first swing, we were hooked. The satisfaction of getting a good shot and watching your ball soar was thrilling. In true method fashion (which is definitely just the excuse) the cast have requested regular trips back to the course during rehearsals…. The truth is they are now just hooked and keen golfers!

We have also had the writer in rehearsals with us this week. We have spent time working through the script, getting our heads around the golfing terminology and understanding the many characters that appear and are multi-rolled by our fantastic cast.

We had a brilliant model box showing from James Button our designer. The clubroom, which is the setting for the play, has been cleverly designed to be a versatile space, filled with props the cast can move around to conjure other settings. It is a playground of fun and we are all having a wonderful time finding our way around it and how these characters inhabit this world.

Love on the Links is a hilarious comedy based on the golfing stories of PG Wodehouse. It runs in the Main House from Thursday 31 May until Saturday 23 June. For more information or tickets visit www.wiltshirecreative.co.uk or call 01722 320333.


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